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Basic Life Support

Training recommended for healthcare workers, healthcare students such as nurses, doctors, EMT's, paramedics, nursing assistants or techs, the professional rescuer or

St. Louis hospital employees

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American Heart Association Aligned Training Site
2020 CPR guidelines
Practicing a team CPR rescue

American Heart Association Completion Card Courses: Basic Life Support 

Safety Basics LLC is aligned with Mercy Hospital St. Louis, MO American Heart Association Training Center

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   We are discontinuing are open public sign up classes as of June 4, 2024.  We are referring individuals to Arch City CPR at and Phone: 314-435-8424 or 855-827-4777

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Basic Life

Support Provider Full Classroom

4 hours & 30 minutes

 This completion level course teaches one and two rescuer adult, child, and infant CPR skills,team practice with mock code, first aid for choking,  how to use a bag mask device and Automatic External Defibrillator training.  Must pass hand on skills test off and multiple choice test.  This course is for first time students learning Basic Life Support, for students with an expired Basic Life Support card over 60 days, for students wanting more hands on practice and instruction, for students going back to work in the medical field after a break.

   Currently this class is only offered for        



Basic Life

Support Provider Renewal Classroom

3 hours

 This completion level course is for participants who are renewing their training.  Must hold a current Basic Life Support card or one that is expired no more than 60 days. This course moves at a faster pace and the student is expected to have prior knowledge of basic life support skills. The renewal course covers one and two rescuer adult CPR/AED, child, and infant CPR skills and team practice with mock code. Must pass hands on skills test and multiple choice test.  

Currently offering this class for groups

Doctor with Computer

Heartcode Basic Life Support Blended Learning Class

Spend LESS TIME in the Classroom

1 -2 hours online and Practice & Skills Session 75 min-2 hours

Blended learning course format for individuals or small groups allows students to complete part one of the course online using a continuously adapting learning path that is personalized by the learner's own inputs.  The course content is presented in the form of self-directed learning, probes, & cognitive assessment activities. This class is for fist time students or renewals.  Part one is appoximately 1 hr 45-2 hours in length and fee is $36.  Purchase part one of the Heartcode Basic Life Support from: American Heart Association's online store or Worldpoint Medical at (item #20-3533 for $36.. Part 2 and 3 is a structured hands on Instructor led session that focuses on skills practice, team scenarios and skills testing using feedback manikins for $64.  We offer a small group in person hands on practice and skills session or a limited number of individual virtual sessions.  Virtual Sessions are $89 for renewals and $99 for first time students and must include check out of a loaner manikin kit for $50 with front porch pick up in Kirkwood. ($35 refunded upon return of the kit)  Can also be scheduled for groups.


Book Now

American Heart Association recommends each student have a copy of the student Basic Life Support Provider manual copyright 2020 for classroom courses (not blended learning) readily available for use before, during, and after the course.  Textbooks are designed for individual use and are an integral part of the student's education.  You can purchase the book or ebook at Worldpoint Medical at (item #20-1102 or digital ebook version item # 20-3102 for $14 and paperback for $16) or through the American Heart Association at

or we sell e books at check out.

American Heart Association Basic Life Support Book 2020

2 year American Heart Association BLS Provider electronic completion card emailed the day  of class or next morning for evening classes or after return of loaner manikin kit for  pre-paid reservations upon successful completion of skills and multiple choice testing for classroom course or practice and skills session. Digital cards can be viewed, printed, or emailed at anytime during your certification cycle.

Two rescuer Basic Life Support
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