Parenting Classes

We know that kids don't come with instructions.  Let us help prepare you to care for your baby, toddler, preschooler or school age child.  

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have suspended in person classes but are offering the Parenting of the Young Child & Active Parenting NOW as blended learning classes, part one is completed online on your own and then attend a weekly 30-45 minute one on one virtual session for 3 times that is faciliated by Debbie McCabe, RN, BSN, Parent Educator using Zoom meeting.  You need to have the Zoom meeting app on your phone, tablet or computer with a camera.   

Baby Basics

Baby Basics:  Parenting the newborn through first year. This program is geared for expectant, adoptive or new parents who will be caring for a newborn and is 4 hours in length.for two, two hour virtual Zoom meeting sessions. Individual or couple sessions can be scheduled.  Call 314-403-2311 to schedule a class or submit a request form. Fees: $80/individual 2 hour session or $90/couple 2 hour session

Topics covered:

Getting ready

Choosing a Pediatrician


Equipment and Supplies Needed

The Newborn and care in the hospital

Daily Care Activities:  Feeding, Bathing, Sleeping, Play

Safety & Child Proofing

Growth & Development the first year

Child Passenger Safety

Review of Infant CPR and how to help with a choking emergency

 Common illnesses and when to call the doctor

Parenting the Young Child

Parenting the Young Child  is geared for parents raising babies, toddlers and preschoolers, parents going through a divorce or separation and will be single parenting or seeking custody of a young child, or parents adopting a young child.  The program is 6 hours in length for three, two hour sessions for individuals or couples.   Call 314-403-2311 to schedule a class or submit a request form.

Fees: $60/individual/online& virtual session or $70/couple/online & virtual session

Total of 3 sessions, $180/individual or $210/couple

Also recommended that your purchase "Active Parenting First Five Years" Book for $14.95 plus shipping at


Topics covered:

  • Equipment and Supplies needed

  • Daily Activities:  Feeding, Bathing, Diaper Changing, Potty training, Sleeping, & Play

  • Safety and Child proofing

  • Growth and Development

  • Child Passenger Safety

  • You child's physician, common illnesses, & first aid for children

  •  Childcare

  •  Beginning Discipline and Routines using Active Parenting the First Five Years program

Active Parenting NOW

This parenting program is designed for parents raising children ages 5-10 years of age.  The program was written by Dr. Michael Popkin from Active Parenting Publishers and includes parenting vignettes.  Learn how to become an active parent and stop just reacting to your child's behavior.  The program teaches parents how to raise responsible and cooperative kids who are prepared to meet the challenges of the teen years.  Parents will learn non-violent discipline techniques so they can avoid power struggles with their children.  Program includes School Age Basics covering nutrition, hygiene, sleep, growth and development, & safety and accident prevention.  This program 6 hours in length, 3 sessions for 2 hours each for individuals or couples.  Call 314-403-2311 to schedule a class or submit a request form.

Fees: $60/individual/online& virtual session or $70/couple/online & virtual session

Total of 3 sessions, $180/individual or $210/couple

It is also recommended that you purchase Active Parenting NOW book (from Amazon or Ebay) or Active Parenting 4th Edition for $19.95

A completion certificate is provided after attending any parenting classes.

Debbie McCabe, RN, BSN, Parent Educator facilitates the parenting classes.  Debbie has experience working as a pediatric and community health nurse in a family practice office, and at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and Mercy Children's Hospital. She was a community education program coordinator and helped teach parent and children's classes for 12 years at  area hospital and has been teaching parenting classes for eleven years at Safety Basic . She is a trained Active Parenting Program Instructor.  She shares her experience caring for children and raising three children of her own.  She is also a member of the Safe Kids St. Louis coalition and is a child safety advocate.  She has been a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician for twenty years and Instructor for fifteen years.